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The Change for Success Programs

The Self Control Program

The Self Control Program is a 12 week curriculum, which consist of 24 assignments that breakdown into 24 subtitles pertaining to Self-Control, which challenges the participants to complete two writing assignments (essays) per week.  (e.g.;Week 1 assignments: Self-Discipline & Self-Destruct)

The Change for Success Focus Group

The Change for Success Focus Group is a rehabilitation service program that challenges all of its participants to discuss (in an open group) one of three questions pertaining to individuals changing their actions and old behavior for success in the future! This is a eight week course which consist of 24 questions, that gives the participants a choice to discuss either 1 out of the 3 curriculum questions per week.

The Change for Success Programs

The M.I.C. (Music Inspires Change) Program

The purpose of this group is to harness the talent and energies of musicians, singers and rappers who wish to use their collective talents and energy to willingly introduce and teach fellow peers how to play instruments, compose music, write lyrics, while enhancing their own musical abilities. These desired goals will be reached through the efforts of motivated and competent individuals who are willing to donate their free-time to training.

The Poetic Justice Club

The purpose of this group is to reduce violence and recidivism through increase literacy, improved social skills and continuing education. The Poetic Justice Club teaches through an instructional syllabus how to analyze, compose, perform and properly structure varied forms of poetry. 

Change Is Hard First Messy InThe Middle And Gorgeous At End

Failure is only a temporary change in direction to set you straight for success to come !! Change Into The Better You !!!!

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