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The Change for Success Programs

About Our Programs

Change for Success is a series of self-help rehabilitative programs that we offer to establishments such as but not limited to:

Correctional Facilities- Prisons, Juvenile Detention Centers, Youth Authorities, etc...

Educational Campuses - Middle School, High School, Continuation School, Home School, Community Colleges and Universities.

Troubled Youth - Community Centers and Group Homes.

Institutions - Mental Health Hospitals, Sanatoriums, etc...

As well as any other platforms our programs can provide therapy to. Our programs promote positivity, introspection, Self-Control, cognitive awareness, insight, remorse, sobriety, and accountability. 

All while denouncing and combating crime, recidivism, bullying, suicide, introversion, and criminal activities such as gangs, violence, and illegal drug usage, transportation, and/or distribution.

Each of our programs that are being displayed on our website has it's own curriculums and informational packets on how to govern each meeting, and is equipped with a set of by-laws for each group. 

To order now or apply for sponsorship or sign up to become a volunteer, please leave your contact information and a Change for Success representative will respond at their earliest convenience.

With honor, here at Change for Success, we'd like to thank our visionary and founder E'drick Brown (V-70186) who is an inmate that has been housed in the General Population of California's maximum security prison system since the year of 2003.

Without his creative ability to create these programs by hand writing them in his cell and then the relentless efforts it took to professionally print them out and work with staff to get them implemented in his institution, we would not exist.

Thank you E'drick Brown!

E'drick Brown (V-70186)
H.D.S.P. 2019


We are partnered up with Porshe Taylor , who is the owner and founder of From The Inside Out.

Please click the link to visit her website!

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The Change for Success Programs


The Poetry Slam




The Self Control Program

The purpose of this self-help group is to reduce violence and recidivism through increased literacy, introspection, and restorative justice practices. The Self-Control Program is a Victim’s Outreach course whose curriculum is divided into 24 assignments pertaining to subtitles of self-control. The program is equipped with reading assignments that analyzes the subtitle topics in every unit, along with writing exercises that requires a 150 word essay in response to the second question in every assignment. After the completion of each weekly assignment, the participants will fill out a Victim's Insight Inquiry, as well as a weekly survey. The Victim Insight Inquiry will be submitted to the sponsor after each weekly meeting


The Change for Success Focus Group

The Change for Success Focus Group is a rehabilitation service program that challenges all of its participants to discuss (in an open group) one of three questions pertaining to individuals changing their actions and old behavior for success in the future! This is a eight week course which consist of 24 questions, that gives the participants a choice to discuss either 1 out of the 3 curriculum questions per week.

The Change for Success Programs


The Make Amends Program

The Make Amends Program is a Victim’s Outreach course where offenders are chosen to participate based on our institution mail out list. Inmates will have the opportunity to complete a 6-week curriculum that is equipped with a 6-question assignment, that includes Reading, Writing, and the completion of a mandatory survey, and a victim’s insight inquiry.

The Change for Success Programs


The Causative Actions Program

The purpose of this program is to reduce recidivism and antisocial norms perpetuated by the prison culture, by providing individuals with real life scenarios that aims to replace ones impulsive nature with positive methods on how to resolve conflict. This course will teach it's participants that a person's outcome derives from the choices that individual makes. The questions in the assignments compels the participants to chose from a selection of plausable and implausable answers, which will subconsciously instill alternative choices into their processing skills as well as enhance their cognitive awareness by having the participants explain in their own words why they chose the selected method of action pertaining to the scenario given. Inmates who have been incarcerated for a long duration of time will benefit tremendously from this program. To impregnate the institutionalized mind with scenarios of ordinary life and coping skills is paramount to the Rehabilitation and preparation of the inmates who will be returning back to society.


The Preventative Outreach Program

The purpose of this program is to provide At-Risk youth with additional therapies and preventative measure programs in an attempt to reduce crime and recidivism. The Preventative Outreach Program is an option of support, such as a community center, that legal guardians can rely upon to provide minors with coping skills, cognitive awareness, and Self-Control. A Preventative Outreach Mentor's most virtuous contribution to an At-Risk youth is their intuitive understanding of consequences, combined with their discerning nature. Such enlightment during a primitive stage in life of maturity can avert unscrupulous behaviors from a minor, which would restore paternalism within the household of a vulnerable legal guardian. Statistics prove that majority of offenders who are incarcerated committed their crime during their youth. This program provides the At-Risk youth with avenues to express themselves, which will inadvertently open them up to suggestion and award the Preventative Outreach Mentor, who themselves are victims of their own Self-Destructive behaviors, with the unique opportunity to provide insight and juvenile alignment.

Change Is Hard First Messy InThe Middle And Gorgeous At End

Failure is only a temporary change in direction to set you straight for success to come !! Change Into The Better You !!!!

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